Love for the unlovable

Love for the unlovable

Passage: Luke 14:1-14

Meals together are special aren’t they. Some of the best times we have with people who are important to us are around a meal. I rarely refuse any invitation to a meal (just saying). I think of a family doo we recently had in my grandmother’s old stomping ground of Alfriston, a meal on a beach in France I had with my dad earlier this year, home group meals at the Sportsman, and the rare and lovely times when people have agreed to come to eat with me as the host. Times with friends and with family and with church. They can be special and so memorable.

In our reading today Jesus is at a meal at the house of a Pharisee. He talks about what to do at a wedding feast, how do you act. Then about who you should invite if you’re organizing a lunch dinner or banquet. In fact as we read in the wider context the whole section is full of people eating at banquets and feasts.