A Love that Labours (part 1)

A Love that Labours (part 1)

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 2

I guess everyone wants to know that their life has meant something. At the end, when we look back over it - we live our three-score years and ten, maybe more maybe less – will it be something we’re proud of? What will be remembered? What will be worthwhile recalling when it’s looked back over?

I start with that because that is where Paul ends this section in his letter. When he says “what is our hope, our joy, our crown?” What is our life achievement? What can we be proud of when we meet Jesus.

What a question!

What will we be thrilled by, what will give us joy on that day?
What do you think you’d say?

Paul says, it’s the people we loved. And the people we served. The people we shared our lives with. The people who made it to the end with us. So that when we stand together before Jesus in the new creation they are there too, and that will be our joy.

Love Labours…
1) …Through Trials and hardship v.2, 9
2) …To bring faith v.2, 8, 9
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