8 Weeks… to change your life – Autumn ’09


True Christian faith always results in a changed life. This is the theme of the book of James, and he gives us in his letter a compelling portrait of Christian living. He is interested with how lives are changed as Jesus takes central place. He wants us to be sure that our faith is lived out in our daily lives in all its hustle and bustle. A book full of practical examples of what it  means to follow Jesus whole-heartedly.

This term in 8 weeks together we will be studying the letter orf James in our Morning Services. We will also have an opportunity to examine the themes the Bible raises in our Home Groups by looking deeper into James and considering similar passages from Jesus’ own teaching in the gospel of Luke.  Resources for individuals or group reflection will be available each week to take away.  A new group will meet on Tuesday evenings to add to the existing groups available.  There is benefit in reflecting together, so if you are not already connected, do sign up!

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